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Markwell Presents is a theatre company based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2002, we have been the leading voice in Cinematic Theatre for secondary schools.

Loose Ends


Six couples' lives are entangled in bizarre and tragic circumstances. The play is a fast paced, episodic, suspenseful drama, which incorporates modern dramatic conventions and cinematic techniques. The video component is projected onto a specially designed digital maxi-screen to enhance the theatrical experience for a young cinema going audience.


Loose Ends was the most visually stimulating play I have ever seen... I was a sniffling heap by the end.
— Olivia Katter, Townsville Bulletin

Act 1 - No Standing: What starts out as another day of routine bickering for Sandra and Daniel soon develops into a day that will change their lives forever. Sandra is locked in a downward spiral of depression and repetition whilst struggling with her secret torment. Daniel is a wounded soul who seeks comfort from the numbness of drug abuse. As Daniel wallows in self-pity he is barely aware of the ticking time-bomb of pressure inside Sandra until it’s too late.

Act 2 - Platform 12: Jason and Anna are on the verge of deciding their destiny together when fate deals a deadly hand. After years of being in a seriously casual relationship with career-minded Anna, Jason sets up a date that will make or break them. While waiting for the train to whisk them away to romance the conversation turns sour and threatens to undo any thread of happiness. An unexpected arrival will make a choice that they dare not.

Act 3 - Clockwise: Tom and Carol are looking forward to retirement and the continuing adventure of their lives when Tom suffers a heart attack. In the hospital they try to come to terms with a future they had not planned. It is a busy night at the hospital and as new emergencies arrive the drama that unfolds will bring the Loose Ends together and determine all their fates.

Written & directed by Brad Jennings and Steven Maxwell.
Presented at Dance North Theatre in Townsville, November 2003.

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