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Markwell Presents is a theatre company based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2002, we have been the leading voice in Cinematic Theatre for secondary schools.

Of Love and Separation


Formerly known as: Two Parts, Broken Hearts

Revolves around the story of 16 year old Luci, whose parents have suddenly separated after 18 years of seemingly happy marriage. Her world is abruptly torn in two as she deals with her fighting parents, a new home and school, and ultimately the question of love, what is it worth?

Written & directed by Brad Jennings
and Steven Maxwell.
2005 Production presented in association with !Metro Arts.
Developed with the assistance of Sean Mee, Saffron Benner and Relationships Australia.
Original Cast: Lewis Jones, Penny Everingham, Emma Dean, Lauren Woods, Amber Maloney and Chris Hillier.

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