Markwell Presents

Cinematic Theatre Company

Markwell Presents is a theatre company based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2002, we have been the leading voice in Cinematic Theatre for secondary schools.

Pocket Money

Formerly known as: ¢ENTS + $ENSIBILITY

Jack and Jenny are responsible for buying Christmas presents for Mum, Dad, Poppy, Nanna, Gran, Uncle Bob, Aunty Sheryl, Cousin Kirk, Helen the next door neighbour and each other. As the days to Christmas count down, they quest and quarrel as brother and sister to solve numerous mathematical dilemmas, visualised through pictorial projection. When Christmas day comes, who will give the best gifts? Who will make their parents proud? And most importantly, will Jack get his Nerf gun?

In collaboration with Saints Peter and Paul’s School and Ipswich North State School, ¢ents + $ensibility was developed to deliver a festive, financial frenzy that educates young people about the value of money.

Written & directed by Brad Jennings and Steven Maxwell.
Co-designed by Andrew Martin.
Original Production Produced by Artslink Queensland.
Original Cast: Natalie Trent & Kieton Bielby.

Copyright Markwell Presents 2016. Background image from 'Spill' (2014).