Markwell Presents

Cinematic Theatre Company

Markwell Presents is a theatre company based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2002, we have been the leading voice in Cinematic Theatre for secondary schools.

Our core strength is working with young people to create engaging Cinematic Theatre productions. We also deliver masterclasses and workshops to teach students from a unique artist's perspective.

Artist Residencies

Our Artist in Residence programs are designed to cater for the needs of the teacher and work within the guidelines of the curriculum, all while delivering a quality performance outcome and positive learning experience for young people.

A full residency sees the realisation of a new production from page to stage (and screen!). We can provide scripts, write new scripts on commission, or facilitate a devising process with the students. Through weekly sessions, the artist-in-residence can direct the performance, design the visuals, and teach new understandings to students throughout the process.

Part residencies are also available to fit your brief. Resident artists can assist with the facilitation of play building sessions, direction, filming, design, video editing, programming and technical production.

You gave me, my drama students and those boys interested in technical production an opportunity to use our theatre in a new and exciting way. The students gained creative learning experiences that I could not offer them and now they want to incorporate cinematic elements in all their forming and presenting work.
— Elizabeth Falconer, Marist College Ashgrove


Masterclasses are the perfect opportunity to introduce students to the concept of Cinematic Theatre. Using engaging examples from real productions, we demonstrate each convention with a clear mix of theory and practice. Afterwards, the students should feel confident in their choices to integrate screen and stage elements.

Intro to Cinematic Theatre:
A 60-90 minute presentation for student groups and professional development. The presentation will inform and entertain students about the creative rationale we use to integrate media into live theatre and provide a platform of knowledge and ideas to write, design and produce a Cinematic Theatre performance.

Cinematic for Dramatic Styles:
This presentation takes students through the creative process of integrating cinematic elements for a specific dramatic style. This session can focus on Epic Theatre, Hyper Realism, Collage Drama, Physical Theatre, or Australian Gothic.


Oftentimes, creative people learn better by doing! Workshops are a great way to get students up and involved in the process of making Cinematic Theatre work.

Cinematic Ignition:
Working from a cinematic pretext, students will be involved in sustained improvisation to explore a theme or social context. Students will utilise play building techniques to harness these ideas for performance. This workshop is perfect for beginning a new unit of work.

Script In-Depth:
Focusing on a script from Markwell's repertoire, students work with a director to analyse the text for performance. Students will explore the issues and characters with an insight into the process of developing performance works.

Professional Development

We also run workshops for teachers on how to integrate new media into theatre work. Includes practical information on writing and developing scripts, filming and editing, cinematic design conventions, operating live media, and technical tips.

Markwell Presents has previously been engaged to deliver Professional Development programs for Drama Queensland, Queensland Theatre Company, and La Boite Theatre Company.

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