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Bad Gravy - Digital Script

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Bad Gravy - Digital Script


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The Chicken Hut is more than a dodgy fast food joint - it’s a career purgatory. Where the youth-in-revolt have moved on to low-level responsibility and minimum wage. For some, there are opportunities here, to climb the ranks and forge a path. But for most, it’s an inconvenient pit stop on the way to greener pastures.

Brandon has worked at The Chicken Hut for a while now, and feels sure that he’s ready to leave. He hasn’t got his future quite worked out, so there’s no plan for what comes next. When he’s tempted with the possibility of a promotion, Brandon finds himself increasingly undecided. He could leave now in pursuit of the great unknown. Or he could buckle down, earn more, and commit to the world of fast food.

Surrounding Brandon is a pack of restless youths, each asking similar questions as their present slowly becomes their future. Store manager Alan loses his grip on a five-year-plan. Employee-of-the-month Connor schemes his way to power. Full-timer Owen dreams of higher education. Whilst Charlie questions the system of work altogether…

Bad Gravy is a black comedy that explores themes around ambition, loyalty, work, and commitment. In the world of disposable employment, we’re asking - how much of yourself can you truly give to a job that you don’t believe in?

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Bad Gravy was originally written for Villanova College as part of an Artist Residency in 2016. The year 12 drama class contributed to the development of this text.


"It is difficult to source quality scripts in the TYP context. Bad Gravy, however, is an excellent one and its effective balance of ensemble, cinematic, comedic and realistic conventions and styles provides a plethora of options for classroom exploration and presentation." — Julianne Shaw, Villanova College


Characters: 14 boys (possibility for mixed genders - notes on casting included)
Suitable for: Years 9-12
Written by: Nathan Sibthorpe

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