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Markwell Presents is a theatre company based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2002, we have been the leading voice in Cinematic Theatre for secondary schools.

Blowout Script

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Blowout Script


Blowout is an in-depth insight into boy’s culture as the characters deal with the expectations of their parents and peers, alcohol, mateship and testosterone. A socially critical drama that explores the lives of four young males as they search for affirmation.

Set in a metropolitan boys' secondary school, the narrative reflects the conflict and dilemma faced by each character in the week leading up to the district football grand final. As the action crescendos, each character’s commitment to their mates and themselves will face the decisive test.

Blowout was originally workshopped with students from Villanova in 1999 and has now been edited to include cinematic sequences.

“There are few plays where boys can connect with their own experience like Blowout.”  — Sue Lawson, Villanova College

Includes teacher notes. See also: Blowout Work Program for Drama Classes.

Characters: Up to 20
Suitable for: Years 9-12
Written by: Brad Jennings & Steven Maxwell

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