Markwell Presents

Cinematic Theatre Company

Markwell Presents is a theatre company based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2002, we have been the leading voice in Cinematic Theatre for secondary schools.

The Yair Project

From 2011-2014, Steven and Brad co-facilitated a new work each year by an ensemble of 15 to 18 year old young artists. The Young Artists in Residence (YAiR) Project gave the opportunity for young performance makers to work and play in a marquee venue with a professional theatre company.

Each year's YAiR ensemble was cast from an open audition day. After being given a key theme, the chosen artists were given shared creative control over the new work. Brad and Steven mentored them throughout the process, supporting the work with writing and direction. Each production was staged for a one-week season in a professional venue. This allowed the young performers to experience a performance season of dramatic work.

Some of the YAiR Project productions have since been published as new scripts. 


"As an ensemble we have developed a collection of 9 scenes exploring the theme spill: of how things can spill over and get out of control from a single incident, the metaphor of 'don’t cry over spilt milk' and the emotions of loss and recovery."

Ensemble: Bridgette Adamson from Lourdes Hill College, Devin Arthur from Redbank Plains SHS, Jaye Brown from Chisholm Catholic College, Taylah Clements from Canterbury College, Manali Datar from Sheldon College, Sarah Finley-Strong from St John's College, Alysha Freebairn from Emmaus College, David Gith from Springwood SHS, Shannon Richards from San Sisto College and Jacob Woodland from Rochedale SHS. Tess Hall from Somerville House is involved in the technical and design elements of the show.

2013 YAiR Project: 'Dream'

Two of Queensland’s largest youth arts companies Flipside Circus and Markwell Presents combine the specialities of circus and cinematic theatre to create a new production, DREAM.

A cast of six circus performers and six actors explore their dreams through a fusion of circus arts and cinematic theatre. See how these two seemingly different art forms can together create beauty, fear, dreams and nightmares.

Ensemble: Ashleigh Coplick, Grace Egan, Emma Kinnane, Wenona Moss, Scarlett Palmer, William Small, Doug Taylor, Kiki Townley, Payton Wechsel, Claire Franklin, Michaela Allison, Mia Hughes and Mackenzie Attewell on lights and sound.

2012 YAIR PROJECT: '3 Windows'

As a collective, the performers have come up with a collage of five scenes exploring life on the brink, public transport, romance, hospital drama and misadventure. The show is interspersed with poetic cinematic transitions looking at life from a wide variety of viewpoints.

Ensemble: Meg Cumming, Lucinda Everson, Thomasina Lawrence, Stephanie Pavicic, Rebekah Schmidt, Isabella Harvey-Sutton, Tim Swanston, Elizabetta Zanetti, Taylor Rowe and Candice Holyoak.  

2011 YAIR PROJECT: 'Monochrome'

The first incarnation of the YAiR project focussed on the difference between our real and online identity, teen relationship and the idea of black and white design. 

Ensemble: Monica Antolini, Ellie Bradford, Ranadi Naqarau, Agata Pokora, Eden Samimi, Marisa Warland, Blair Foley, Ben Gane, Brendan Jeeves, Scott McKee, Chase O'Connell, Max Radvan, Lydia Burton and Samuel Boyd.

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